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People on ludes should not drive
15th-Feb-2012 11:11 am - culturebookmmx.com
I've moved to my own on-line magzine.  http://culturebookmmx.com

I't s free for a limited time.  Goodbye to all the spam comments and thank you to Live Journal for 5 years of awesomeness.
1st-Jan-2012 11:30 am - Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur

This will be my final blog of 2011, or my first blog of 2012, depending on your point of view. 

I haven’t blogged since September 14th, not cuz I been uninspired but because we haven’t had ANY working Interweb service in our home since the month of October began.  Honest Injun!

October seems like a long time ago.  Time is relative.  The more routine life gets, the faster the weeks seem to fly by.  The more that changes day to day, the more variety and novel encounters: the slower the months seems to pass.  It makes sense.  Science has no enemies but the ignorant.  Ergo, the more new things a person experiences, the longer he or she lives.

The Bravo Three:  My Mother, My Older Brother and Myself – we are now in our Palm Springs Ramada Inn Hotel/Motel Holidaze Inn.  I’ve seen my mother and brother nearly everyday for the past two years.  I’ve been back in the US now for two (2) whole years and it seems like forever since I been back.  I've slept in the same room everyday and I haven't had much excitement, but I've learned many new things.  Baked Fresh Daily!

Happy New Year!  See You again on the Chinese New Year January 23, 2012!  I’m ready to usher in the new Year of the Dragon with my website which be launched on that day.  I can’t wait.  Here's a pic from where we dined out the last night.

"Even a God finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time." 


14th-Sep-2011 09:46 pm - MY ROOM in 2011


LA is a city of Stars.  So many members of the Entertainment Media live and/or work in Los Angeles, that the chance of seeing a Movie Star, if you live in, or visit LA, is extremely high.  One night, in 2010, at the Ralph’s Market on Olympic near Century City, I stood next to in line Mario Van Peebles.
Being a fan of Film, I immediately recognized him.  I’d recently seen him on cable in Solo, a B Movie which was fairly entertaining.  Van Peebles plays a cybernetic weapon created by the Defense Department.  Van Peebles has a very formidable physique.  He’s utterly ripped. 

I knew Van Peebles well, from his role in New Jack City, which he directed and starred in as the crooked cop.  New Jack City was one of  Chepe Esccondido and my favorite movies back Berkeley in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  I remember, back in 92 or 93, just after my return to LA from Berkeley, Van Peebles wrote and directed a movie called Posse, a cowboy flick with an all Black cast.  I never saw it.  It got mixed reviews.
My point is, I saw Van Peebles on Letterman, back in 1993, promoting Posse and what I’ll never forget, long as I live, was Van Peebles was talking about  this yoga/goal regiment he was into -- a kind of physical mental program that gave him to impetus to write, direct, and star in a full legnth motion picture -- which is a formidable feat.  He said to Dave, ‘May I show you?’ and proceeded to climb on Dave’s desk and stand on his fingers and then walk about the desk on his fingers.  He stepped down and said, “The mantra is, if I can do that, I can do anything!”  I’m paraphrasing based on an 18 year old memory which is stuck in brain, and may not be entirely accurate.
When I met Van Peebles in person last year, the only  thing  about  him I could  remember, at that moment -- I was under the influence of THC at the time -- was that his father Melvin Van Peebles is a great director of fine Blackxplotaion films from the 1970’s and this I commented to him.  “I’m a really big fan of your father,”  I told him.  That was all I said, with a smile of recognition and slight admiration.
He thanked me for my kind words and I basically left him alone.  He was buying beer and probably, like most celebrities, didn’t like being hassled by audience members.
In closing, I’d like to say, if I ever see Mario Van Peebles again, I’m going to tell him – "When you were on Letterman back in 1993 promoting your Posse movie, I watched you and I took your Mantra to heart.  21 months ago, I could barely do one pull up.  Now, I can do nine.  At the same time, over the last 21 months, I've learned to play drums, I've learned to play guitar and sing well.  I've learned Photoshop and Flash.  I've quit drinking.  I've published a book.  By Christmas, I’m going to be standing on my hands.  And next year I’m going to Law School and I’m going to have earned the money to pay for it beforehand.  Thank you.  Your words and your actions have affected my life very positively.”

It doesn't matter what you believe in, so long as you believe in something.

10th-Sep-2011 04:53 am - Imagine If You Were a Rock Star
I would hate to be the Rock Star who yells out the wrong city name he’s playing in. 

“We love you Chicago!”  “Yer in Cleveland, you MFer!”  “We love being back in Liverpool!”  “This is Bournemouth, you git!”  What’s funny is, it works with most any two cities.  “We love you Edinburgh!”  “This is Newcastle!  Throw yer beer at that tosser!”  "We can't wait to come back to Minninapolis!”  “Ce Montreal, bouffon!”  I can totally see someone like Keith Moon, or Ozzy back in his Sabbath days, doing that.  Not to diss or besmirch the town, just cuz they’ve been so continuously drunk and high and on the road, tour bus planes trains and automobiles;  that all the hotels start to look the same, and they have no idea what city they are in, and on one particular day, they just don’t care to find out. 
Perhaps before one Who show in the 1970's, some night when Roger was out of it.  Supposing, Roger asked Keith right before they went on stage, “Where the fuck are we again, mate?”  And Keith told him the wrong city for a prank.  It’s something Keith Moon might do, just to have a laugh.  I imagine Keith Moon never passed on an opportunity to laugh, which surely rubbed most people the wrong way.  I can empathize.  I’m cut from the same cloth.  I think some famous singer calling out the wrong city name would be the funniest thing in the world, and I’m sure Keith Moon would have thought it funny, too.  I wouldn’t even need drugs or alcohol to laugh.  I laugh even when I imagine it happening!
Here’s the JOKE, the first Million Dollar question.  Feel free to answer in the comments section.  If this happened in YOUR city:  If you were at some stadium show watching your favorite Rock Star and he or she, for whatever reason, yelled out the wrong city name.

Would you...

  1. Think that was hilarious! And look forward to seeing it on Youtube to relive the laughter. 
  1. Get really angry that your guitar hero kind of dissed your city.  Would it make you mad enough to make you wanna boycott this guitar queero, to quote South Park?  I’m sure many residents of Denver would do just that, if Bono said, "We love you Detroit!" by mistake.  The local papers would have a field day.  "He said LA, but this is clearly Lake Arrowhead!"
    Let's take it a step further, while we are on the subject of Rock Stars.  If YOU were a famous Rock Star like Axel Rose, with a one-of-a-kind sound and unique look.  I once saw a guy, on Halloween night, in Pusan South Korea – a Canadian or American guy.  He came dressed as Axel Rose.  He came 3rd in a contest.  He didn't sing for money or nothing, but everyone knew at first glance.  All night, everybody called him:  Axel!  Actually, I wasn't even there.  I saw pictures of him on the Pusan Web's photos from Halloween 2008.  He did win 3rd prize.  He may have sang a song.
    Anywho!  This Second Million Dollar question is:  If YOU were a famous rock star in the US and the World, and you went to the island of Cebu in the Philippines, and you saw a guy dressed just like you doing YOUR act, on stage with a Pinay band playing your tunes.  You learn that this guy makes a boatload of money doing You.  You learn of others in the world making heaps of dough, doing your act in small cities across America and all over the World.  Even in Tokyo, there is a Japanese you!  In LA and New York and Chicago – there’s a Tribute band doing You.  Perhaps yer old and washed up and don’t look like You used to, but they are currently making money doing You, playing you.

    The question is, if while on vacation in Cebu, taking in the sites with your lady, relaxing in a bar with live music; even in Hollywood – if you saw a guy impersonating you as his job to make money.
    Would you...
    1. Think it’s cool and party with the guy.  Invite him to your table during his break.  Drink Tanduay Rum him and say that you are flattered.  Even go up on stage and do a song with him.  He's gotta recongnize you, even if no one else does.

    2.  Demand that he stop.  Cease and desist, you call out in word and action.  Demand that ALL of them either pay you some kind of Royalty, or stop making money off of your likeness.  And when you can’t stop them, you stay bitter about it.
    Or both.  First, party with the guy.  Second, stick him for all you can, or for what is rightfully yours; however you choose to see it. 

    It’s a fair question.  As fair as any other hypothetical quandries I can think of.  ME?  I’m a Number One guy on both accounts.  Which would you choose, the Red Pill or the Blue?
    In closing, if any comedians or other people want to use my Rock Star City Mistake Joke for their act -- the first line of this piece is pretty tight -- or if any body wants to take any other hip line I write on my blog, feel free.  In this age of information, no idea belongs to any single person.  It's about time people realize that.  This private property concept has really gotten out of hand.  There are more important things than making money and protecting intellectual property.  Like laughing. 

    Leave a comment, please.

    Einstein said that Imagination is more important than intelligence

    And someone else said that Imitation is the highest form of Flattery.
    That is Keith Moon's body behind mine and his drum kit I'm faux playing.  It's also the only picture in the collage I didn't take myself.
    28th-Aug-2011 02:51 am - 21 Months Gone with the Wind
    21 Months is the amount of time I’ve LIVED in America, since my 13.5 year Asian hiatus.  From 1996 - 2009, any time I spent in the US was vacation time.  And I couldn’t wait to get home to the other side of the Pacific Ocean!  

    We are at present in August 2011.  One year ago, my first book, Culturebook was published.  One might say, in keeping with the Kinko’s is not a publisher spirit, that my book was barely a notch above Kinkos!  That may be true.  I did self-publish my book, which any fool with 1800 dollars and a computer can do, but I was pleased with the outcome.  It takes a wise fool, or sophmore, to churn out 275 pages that is a notch above drivel.  Those few who have read my Culturebook have enjoyed it, I hear.  Most people who have started my book have finished it; so as a reader, that says a lot.  Only one person has told me, “If it weren’t YOU who wrote the book, I would’ve stopped reading.” 

    Furthermore, if anyone should desire a copy, I have plenty left.  I see copies, boxes of them, everyday, in my home.  I like that.  My book is truly underground.   While many can discount my Culturebook as NOT REALLY PUBLISHED, I’ve read a mountain of books in my life and while mine is worthy of severe criticism and possible lashings, I think it is as enjoyable as the best of them in its genre.  Culturebook looks like a book, reads like a book.  I’m happy with what I have created.  

    Here is my point:  I’ve been back in LA for 21 months now, back Living in America like the James Brown song, and I still have no steady job or steady girl.  Really there is nothing steady about my life.  I’m free, living off the fat of the family.  My responsibilities are minimal and I have entire days free and clear with nothing pressing and nowhere I need to be.  How do I feel about that?  

    Other than the fact that I'm not getting any, as the expression goes, I’d say everything is fine.  Still, I see my lack of female companionship more along the lines of: no women = no stress.  No bills to pay equals no stress; and with no money it's hard to date, so I just accept my life, which is easy to do.  I’m trying to keep my life in this no-stress-zone for as long as I can.  Like all things, my current lap of luxury, comfortable life is sure to end.  One day in the not to distant future, my heated pool and workless days will be gone like the wind, like my former cushy life in Asia.  

    At this time, I consider myself a student.  I may not ‘work’ for a living, but I feel as though, if I were to get a job, I would be wasting a valuable opportunity.  And what is that opportunity?  The opportunity to write a great novel!  I haven’t written fiction in years.  I prefer documentary films to dramas these days as well.  Perhaps that says something about dramas currently being made, so many remakes of classics. 

    Still, as a writer of non-fiction, I see writing fiction as a challenge.  I've learned to play drums like my idol Keith Moon in the last 21 months, I can write a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.  Gotta dream big...   I’m currently reading Gone With the Wind, which I’ve never read before.  I’ve never even seen the movie!  I don’t know the plot line.  I know the line, “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!” from the movie.  I know there is a scene where Rhett Butler, played by Clark Cable, removes his shirt, and he’s not wearing any undershirt.  I know this because my parents would often mention that scene to me.  According to my father, “Audiences gasped at that!”  

    This scene was relevant because, as a child, I did not like wearing an undershirt.  I still don’t, which caused me to stand out even more than I already did, working in South Korea, cuz there, every single man in every single school or office wears an undershirt.  I’m sure America was the same, once upon a time.  My mother used to tell me, “Who do you think you are, Clark Cable?”  Culture makes people do peculiar things.   

    So far, I really enjoy Margaret Mitchell’s story-telling.  She is really descriptive.  After 12 pages, I can totally see Scarlet O’hara.  I know exactly what she looks like: that she is a green-eyed beauty with ample bosom and child-rearing hips (Mitchell never actually uses that expression); that she is petty, impetuous and conniving. 

    The copy I am reading is a paperback published in 1970, 41 years ago and 34 years after it was first published.  It is 862 pages of thin, really small print, and a tad fragile, so I must be ginger with it.   I know I should be out looking for a date, or a job, but I’m a student and I have to do my homework.  My homework is reading this book, taking notes – there are so many words and phrases new to me, like the exclamations You can just Go to Hallifax! instead of Go to Hell! and God’s Nightgown! which I think is actually Irish, like Scarlett’s planter father.  A Planter is what they called Plantation owners, which doesn't really make sense since the 'field hands' did all the planting, and all the picking.  After the ravage of Georgia, when Scarlett is left to run Tara Plantation after all the field hands have fled, even Mammy and the other house slaves feel that field work is beneath them. 

    On the subject of dating – If I were to meet a girl, say today, or any day for the last 21 months, I could totally use the George Costanza line, “My name is George.  I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.”  Except my father is dead and my name is not George.                          

    Ellen’s life was not easy, nor was it happy, but she did not expect life to be easy, and if it was not happy, that was woman’s lot.  It was a man’s world, and she accepted it as such.  The man owned the property, and the woman managed it.  The man took the credit for the management, and the woman praised his cleverness.  The man roared like a bull when a splinter was in his finger, and the woman muffled the moans of childbirth, lest she disturb him.  Men were rough of speech and often drunk. Women ignored the lapses of speech and put the drunkards to bed without bitter words.  Men were rude and outspoken, women were always kind, gracious and forgiving.  – Ellen is the mother of Scarlett O’Hara  

    I’m very much enjoying Gone With the Wind.  After 5 days I just hit page 400.  Half-way home.  It is their Southern Comfort way of Life that is gone with the wind…  Drama is about people changing.  Scarlett begins the novel a dainty, spoiled brat; and in the last hundred pages, she delivered her sister-in-law's baby AND she just shot a Yankee in the face killing him right in her living room.  A lone Union Soldier entered her house alone, intent on robbing them and probably raping her.  Before he has the chance to do or say anything, BANG!  Then she takes her sister-in-law Melanie's top to wrap the head in, so blood won't drip on the lawn and alert people of the killing, as she drags the corpse into the yard to bury it, while Melanie covers her breasts in shame, after they riffled through his pockets and retrieved a wallet full of Union Greenbacks, Confederate Bills and gold coins.  I wonder if that's going to be in the movie. 

    I've got 400 pages to go!  I can't remember the last time I was this excited.  I can't wait to create a novel somewhere in the ball park of Gone with the Wind.  

    It's Saturday night.  I just took a break to watched Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live with Paul Rudd hosting.  It was a repeat from last year 2010. 

    The Beatles changed music and helped shape a generation.  Lots of musicians and artists and writers ‘changed the world’, such as Elvis, John Lennon, James Brown, and others.  They are all dead.   On Saturday Night Live, Paul McCartney and his band played more than 4 songs, unheard of on Saturday Night Live, but given SNL’s recent dearth of decent material, it wasn’t such a bad idea.  They performed Jet, Band on the Run, A Day in the Line, which segued into Give Peace a Chance which ended with the crowd singing along with just drums; and the closing credits rolled over the band doing Get Back.  

    Paul McCartney turns 70 next year and he can still rock like a youth.  Keith Moon, born four years after McCartney, died when he was only 32.  I only mention this because Moon spent his last evening alive on this Earth with the McCartney’s. 

    Moon had been a resident of Los Angeles, but he and his girlfriend Annette flew to London to be McCartney’s guest at the British premier of The Buddy Holly Story, a great 1978 movie starring Gary Busey as the Lubbock, Texas rocker.  Buddy Holly is another musician who changed the face of music; and who is also no longer with us. 

    After the movie, Moon and Annette dined with the McCartney’s in Covent Garden.  Then each couple retired to their respective flats.  Moon and Annette were staying in the house of Harry Nilsson.  Moon had been prescribed Clomethiazole to counter his alcohol withdrawals, on account of he was ‘trying to quit’ booze.  The coroner found 32 pills in his system – 26 undigested.  The 6 digested pills had been enough to kill him.   

    Paul McCartney is a well-known marijuana smoker.  If a pot smoker can spend 50 years of his life on stage making music that touches lives so deeply as to shape generations, how can pot not be legal?   To think that 47 years ago this year, Paul McCartney playing alongside John Lennon and George Harrison and backed by Ringo Starr on drums, first came to America and played the Ed Sullivan Show and Carnegie Hall in February 1964.  They’d been touring the UK, on stage nearly every night the entire year 1963. 

    These are the Beatles Tour dates for 13 months, 5 years before I was born:

    TOUR OF SCOTLAND, 1963 3 January    Two Red Shoes, Elgin 4 January    Town Hall, Dingwall 5 January    Museum Hall, Bridge of Allan 6 January    Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen UK DATES, January 1963 10 January     Grafton Rooms, Liverpool 11 January     Cavern Club, Liverpool 11 January     Plaza Ballroom, Old Hill 12 January     Invicta Ballroom, Chatham 14 January     Civic Hall, Wirral 17 January     Cavern Club, Liverpool 17 January     Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead 18 January     Floral Hall, Morecambe 19 January     Town Hall, Whitchurch 20 January     Cavern Club, Liverpool 23 January     Cavern Club, Liverpool 24 January     Assembly Hall, Flintshire 25 January     Co-operative Hall, Darwen 26 January     El Rio Club, Macclesfield 26 January     King’s Hall, Stoke-on-Trent 27 January     Three Coins Club, Manchester 28 January     Majestic Ballroom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 30 January     Cavern Club, Liverpool 1 February     Assembly Rooms, Tamworth 1 February     Maney Hall, Sutton Coldfield HELEN SHAPIRO TOUR PART 1, 1963 2 February     Gaumont, Bradford BREAK IN TOUR 3 February     Cavern Club, Liverpool 4 February     Cavern Club, Liverpool RESUME TOUR 5 February     Gaumont, Doncaster 6 February     Granada, Bedford 7 February     Regal, Kirkgate 8 February     ABC, Carlisle 9 February     Empire, Sunderland BREAK IN TOUR 12 February     Azena Ballroom, Sheffield 12 February     Astoria Ballroom, Oldham 13 February     Majestic Ballroom, Hull 14 February     Locarno Ballroom, Liverpool 15 February     Ritz, Birmingham 16 February     Carfax Assembly, Oxford 18 February     Queen’s Hall, Widness 19 February     Cavern Club, Liverpool 20 February     Swimming Baths, Docanster 21 February     Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead 22 February     Oasis Club, Manchester HELEN SHAPIRO TOUR PART 2 23 February     Granada, Mansfield 24 February     Coventry Theatre, Coventry 26 February     Gaumont, Taunton 27 February     Rialto, York 28 February     Granada, Shrewsbury 1 March     Odeon, Southport 2 March     City Hall, Sheffield 3 March     Gaurnont, Hanley UK DATES, March 1963 4 March     Plaza Ballroom, St. Helens 7 March     Elizabethan Ballroom, Nottingham 8 March     The Royal Hall, Harrogate TOMMY ROE/CHRIS MONTEZ TOUR, 1963 9 March     Granada, East Ham 10 March     Hippodrome, Birmingham 12 March     Granada, Bedford 13 March     Rialto, York 14 March     Gaumont, Wolverhampton 15 March     Colston Hall, Bristol 16 March     City Hall, Sheffield 17 March     Embassy, Peterborough 18 March     Regal, Gloucester 19 March     Regal, Cambridge 20 March     ABC, Romford 21 March     ABC, Croydon 22 March     Gaumont, Doncaster 23 March     City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 24 March     Empire, Liverpool 26 March     Granada, Mansfield 27 March     ABC, Northampton 28 March     ABC, Exeter 29 March     Odeon, Lewisham 30 March     Guildhall, Portsmouth 31 March     De Montfort Hall, Leicester
    UK DATES, Spring 1963 4 April     Roxburgh Hall, Stowe 5 April     Swimming Baths, Leyton, London 6 April     Pavilion Gardens, Buxton 7 April     Savoy Ballroom, Portsmouth 9 April     Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn, London 10 April     Majestic Ballroom, Birkenhead 11 April     Co-operative Hall, Middleton 12 April     Cavern Club, Liverpool 15 April     Riverside Dancing Club, Tenbury Wells 17 April     Majestic Ballroom, Luton 18 April     Swimming Sound ’63, Royal Albert Hall, London 19 April     King’s Hall, Stoke-on-Trent 20 April     Mersey View Pleasure Grounds, Warrington 21 April     NME Poll Winners Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley 21 April     Pigalle Club, Piccadilly, London 23 April     Floral Hall, Southport 24 April     Majestic Ballroom, Finsbury Park, London 25 April     Fairfield Hall, Croydon 26 April     Music Hall, Shrewsbury 27 April     Memorial Hall, Northwich 11 May     Imperial Ballroom, Nelson 14 May     Rink Ballroom, Sunderland 15 May     Royalty Theatre, Chester 17 May     Grosvenor Rooms, Norwich ROY ORBISON/BEATLES TOUR, 1963 18 May     Adelphi, Slough 19 May     Gaumont, Hanley 20 May     Gaumont, Southampton 22 May     Gaumont, Ipswich 23 May     Odeon, Nottingham 24 May     Granada, Walthamstow 25 May     City Hall, Sheffield 26 May     Empire, Liverpool 28 May     Gaumont, Worcester 29 May     Rialto, York 30 May     Odeon, Manchester 31 May     Odeon, Southend-on-Sea 1 June     Granada, Tooting 2 June     Hippodrome, Brighton 3 June     Granada, Woolwich 4 June     Town Hall, Birmingham 5 June     Odeon, Leeds 7 June     Odeon, Glasgow 8 June     City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 9 June     King George's Hall, Blackburn UK DATES, Summer 1963 10 June     Pavilion, Bath 12 June     Grafton Rooms, Liverpool 13 June     Palace Theatre Club, Cheshire 13 June     Southern Sporting Club, Manchester 14 June     Tower Ballroom, New Brighton 15 June     City Hall, Salisbury 16 June     Odeon Cinema, Romford 21 June     Odeon Cinema, Guildford 22 June     Town Hall, Monmouthshire 25 June     Astoria Ballroom, Middlesbrough 26 June     Majestic Ballroom, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 28 June     Queen’s Hall, Leeds 30 June     ABC Cinema, Great Yarmouth 5 July     Plaza Ballroom, Old Hill 6 July     Memorial Hall, Northwich 7 July     ABC Theatre, Blackpool 8-13 July     Winter Gardens, Margate 14 July     ABC Theatre, Blackpool 19-20 July     Ritz Ballroom, Flintshire 21 July     Queen’s Theatre, Blackpool 22-27 July     Odeon Theatre, Weston-super-Mare 28 July     ABC Cinema, Great Yarmouth 31 July     Imperial Ballroom, Nelson 2 August     Grafton Rooms, Liverpool 3 August     Cavern Club, Liverpool 4 August     Queen’s Theatre, Blackpool 5 August     Abbotsfield Park, Urmston 6-7 August     The Springfield Ballroom, Jersey, Channel Islands 8 August     Candie Gardens, Guernssey, Channel Islands 9-10 August     The Springfield Ballroom, Jersey, Channel Islands 11 August     ABC Theatre, Blackpool 12-17 August     Odeon Cinema, Caernarvonshire 18 August     Princess Theatre Torquay 19-24 August     Gaumont Cinema, Bournemouth 25 August     ABC Cinema, Blackpool 26-31 August     Odeon Cinema, Southport 4 September     Gaumont Cinema, Worcester 5 September     Gaumont Cinema, Taunton 6 September     Odeon Cinema, Luton 7 September     Fairfield Hall, Croydon 8 September     ABC Theatre, Blackpool 13 September     Public Hall, Preston 14 September     Memorial Hall, Northwich 15 September     Great Pop Prom, Royal Albert Hall, London BEATLES MINI-TOUR OF SCOTLAND, 1963 5 October     Concert Hall, Glasgow 6 October     Carlton, Kirkcaldy 7 October     Caird Hall, Dundee UK DATES, October 1963 11 October     Trentham Gardens, Trentham 13 October     London Palladium, London 15 October     Floral Hall, Southport 19 October     Pavilion Gardens Ballroom, Buxton BEATLES TOUR OF SWEDEN, 1963 25 October     Sundsta-aulan, Karlstad 26 October     Kungliga Hallen, Stockholm 27 October     Cirkus, Goteborg 28 October     Borashallen, Boras 29 October     Sporthallen, Eskilstuna BEATLES AUTUMN TOUR, 1963 1 November     Odeon, Cheltenham 2 November     City Hall, Sheffield 3 November     Odeon, Leeds BREAK IN TOUR 4 November     Royal Variety Show, Prince of Wales Theatre, London RESUME TOUR 5 November     Adelphi, Slough 6 November     ABC, Northampton 7 November     Adelphi, Dublin 8 November     Ritz, Belfast 9 November     Granada, East Ham 10 November     Hippodrome, Birmingham 13 November     ABC, Plymouth 14 November     ABC, Exeter 15 November     Colston Hall, Bristol 16 November     Winter Gardens, Bournemouth 17 November     Coventry Theatre, Coventry 19 November     Gaumont, Wolverhampton 20 November     ABC, Ardwick 21 November     ABC, Carlisle 22 November     Globe, Stockton-on-Tees 23 November     City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 24 November     ABC, Hull 26 November     Regal, Cambridge 27 November     Rialto, York 28 November     ABC, Lincoln 29 November     ABC, Huddersfield 30 November     Empire, Sunderland 1 December     De Montfort Hall, Leicester BREAK IN TOUR 2 December     Grosvenor House Hotel, London RESUME TOUR 3 December     Guildhall, Portsmouth BREAK IN TOUR 7 December     Empire Theatre, Liverpool RESUME TOUR 7 December     Odeon, Liverpool 8 December     Odeon, Lewisham 9 December     Odeon, Southend-on-Sea 10 December     Gaumont, Doncaster 11 December     Futurist, Scarborough 12 December     Odeon, Nottingham 13 December     Gaumont, Southampton END OF TOUR 14 December     Wimbledon Palais, Wimbledon, London
    THE BEATLES CHRISTMAS SHOW, 1963 21 December     Christmas Show Preview, Gaumont Cinema, Bradford 22 December     Christmas Show Preview, Empire Theatre, Liverpool 24 December     The Beatles Christmas Show, Astoria Cinema, London 26-28 December     The Beatles Christmas Show, Astoria Cinema, London 30-31 December     The Beatles Christmas Show, Astoria Cinema, London 1964 1-4 January     The Beatles Christmas Show, Astoria Cinema, London 5-11 January     The Beatles Christmas Show, Astoria Cinema, London END SHOW 12 January     London Palladium, London
    VISIT TO FRANCE, 1964 15 January     Cinema Cyrano, Versailles 16 January – 4 February     Olympia Theatre, Paris VISIT TO USA, 1964 9 February     Ed Sullivan Show, CBS Television Studios, New York City 11 February     Washington Coliseum, Washington DC 12 February     Carnegie Hall, New York City 16 February     Ed Sullivan Show, Deauville Hotel, Miami
    28th-Jul-2011 11:34 pm - The Upside of My Speeding Ticket

    May or May not Be a True Story


    the student as nigger… is the title of a non-fiction 142 page paperback book, first published in August 1969; followed by a second printing September 1970; then, never again.  Once upon a time, this was a Banned Book in the USA. Whatever that means… You don’t hear much about this book.  As if it never existed.


    Originally a single essay, the student as nigger · Stories and Essays · by Jerry Farber critically analyzes the American Education System. Until yesterday, I had never in my life, seen a single copy of this book, much less read it; nor had I read OF or heard OF this book anywhere; nor have I spoken with a single person in my life who has read this book, or has known of this book; except for one (1) high school student, whom I once knew long ago. 26 years ago to be exact.


    Here’s the story of how I came to know this individual called Harriet; and subsequently, this book unforgettably entitled: the student as nigger by Jerry Farber.


    By 1985, when I was a robust, not too tall, 17 year old Catholic High school student, I had already fully developed a passion for literature; the big three for me: Kurt Vonnegut, Ernest Hemmingway, Ayn Rand – starting around age 15, I set out to read every novel, short story, essay or play each author had penned. As a teen, I didn’t care much for genre or poetry or non-fiction. I liked specific authors. That conscious pursuit of devouring the works of my Big Three, and others, lasted through college. I’ve twice read, cover to cover, The Sun also Rises – first time age 15, then again age 30. I feel a re-read coming on. I feel the line: “the sun Also rises!” to be an apt explanatory quip describing my deliberate celibacy for the last 17 months, since I’ve returned to LA from Asia. I’ve read Slaughterhouse Five three times, at different times in my life. I’ve visited Kilgore Trout on the planet of Tralfamadore. I’ve asked in wonder, “Who is John Galt?”


    Point is, when I was 17, I had a friend called Sleeve, who also loved the same authors as me and we’d trade books and introduce each other to new authors, imbibe the horticulture; dabble with psychedelics. Sleeve had long hair. We went to a LOT of big name rock concerts in the mid 1980’s with my older brother and other 1980’s high school friends. Sleeve’s my older brother’s age, a year older than me; which doesn’t mean much when you are in your 40’s – like we are now – but when you are 12 and 13, it makes a big difference.  Sleeve has been my older brother’s best friend since 7th grade Beverly Hills Catholic School, now called Good Shepherd.  I haven’t met Sleeve without my brother, or called him socially since 1986, but I did see him on the 4th of July 2011 at my brother’s house. Sleeve visits my brother regularly, to this day.


    When I was 17 and Sleeve was 18, he had a friend that, looking back, was the first Out of the Closet lesbian I’d ever meet in my life. Her name was Harriet and she was an American girl, a big mix of ethnicities, taut brown skin; thin dreads. Harriet was really cool. She reminded me of the song Karma Chameleon personified, even though I wasn’t a fan of Culture Club; or ANY – of what they then called – New Wave music, now widely known as 80’s Music. I was a rocker, like my older brother and Sleeve. I remember the first time I saw Harriet; that song, which was right popular at the time, popped into my head. Not the music, just the title, Karma Chameleon


    Harriet, too, was an avid reader for an 18 year old high school student, who was planning to take her Girlfriend to her prom. We talked books. It was during one of these conversation regarding books and authors that Harriet mentioned the student as nigger, a book I’d never heard of and have never heard of since. I remember the first time I met Harriet with Sleeve, at the house of Girlfriend, another Fairfax student and avid reader.


    Girlfriend’s Dad was a professional musician: singer/guitarist bandleader. He was there in the house with us.  “He’s popular in Arizona,” Harriet’s blonde, blue eyed girlfriend said with a laugh.  I never really got a good look at the Dad; but apparently, Girlfriend told us as we discussed books, “My dad read me Cat’s Cradle when I was 11!” and that had got her started on her path to reading; kind of like me with Slaughterhouse 5, I remember thinking at the time. I never got a look at the father’s face. Hi ho.


    I’d thought that was odd: MY Father would demand to meet any person, friend or whoever came over to visit. My Dad would get hopping mad if he ever came to my bedroom and a friend was over that hadn’t greeted him. It was a well known fact among all our high school friends. In my Dad’s words, “If You Come to my House, Say HELLO!” – Like Jerry Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo, but MUCH louder. All my life, visitors were obliged to say Hi to my Dad. It was Your (my) responsibility to seek out my father in the house and greet him; cuz if he saw you First, he’d admonish you loudly for your supreme rudeness.  “Have Some Respect!” He’d shout in my friends faces’ till they apologized or cried.  He’d later ask. “Edeek, why are your friends so rude?”


    Harriet’s girlfriend’s Dad had no problem ignoring Sleeve and I. He had no reason to meet us or greet us. He also seemed cool with his daughter and Harriet’s ‘Partnership’ arrangement. Harriet was responding to Dad’s query as he walked down the hall, “What if the school won’t let you take my daughter to the prom?” 


    “Fairfax High!?!”  Harriet called out loudly cuz girlfriend’s Dad was now in the other room. “Who are THEY to tell me who I can and can not take to MY prom? What are THEY going to do?” This is what Harriet was saying, the day I first met her. Harriet planned to wear a tux to her prom. I never found out what became of all that. Or what Girlfriend’s dad really thought of his daughter’s love interest.


    I don’t know what it was about Harriet. She had the chiseled face of a model. Harriet was old in her mind, all mellow and mature and knowledgeable and still in high school. It wasn’t just that Harriet was the way she was; you got the impression that she’d been like that for many years already. Harriet spoke in a way that made you say, “Okay!” and feel good about yourself.


    Harriet told me about the book, the student as nigger, the first time I met her at her girlfriend’s house, or the night of the Grateful Dead show at Irvine Meadows Ampitheater, the second time I met Harriet. I can’t remember which time it was; there were only two times in my life I’d ever see Harriet. Harriet has been the only person in my life ever to speak of this book in my presence. She HIGHLY recommended it, “If you can find it,” I remember her saying. It’s funny what the human brain remembers.


                                    Buenos Aires 2007

    In all the bookshops in all the world, that I’ve browsed, I’ve never seen Jerry Farber’s book in any. Since the age of 17 I have sought this book out. I’ve worked in bookstores. I’ve visited Used Bookstores in cities around the world, from Buenos Aires to Fukuoka, from SF to Brooklyn.  I lived in Berkeley. We had Moe’s, Shakespeare’s, Cody’s and even more bookstores like Crown and B Dalton and Doubleday, now deceased like so many others. I’ve spent my entire life regularly visiting new and used bookstores, since the age of  17: the age I had my first steady girl; had my first had non-familial responsibilities, the Dawn of my leaving for College…Adult Education!


    I have none of these things now in 2011.  I’m 43 years of age. I’m unemployed, no girlfriend and I live at home with my mother. I drive my mother’s Cadillac Car. Last September, I got a speeding ticket. I took the case to court; but unfortunately…I fought the law and the law won. The fine amounted to $371 or 33 hours Community Service. I chose Door Number Two; a.k.a., the blue pill.


    I’m currently doing Community Service, as a result, working at Out of the Closet Thrift Store on Pico Blvd, here in West LA, run largely by homosexuals; and which donates 90% of its revenue to AIDS Research and other AIDS related causes. We give out free condoms. It’s been a wonderful week working here. I love the people and the vibe and the freedom to just not be trying to make money all the time, like over at Goodwill, where I was originally placed. I got sacked after 8 hours for insubordination. They transferred me here! Here at Out of the Closet, the music has been great, and as an unemployed writer, I forgot how good it feels to work every day, be on my feet, having constant contact with laid back people. 


    It was HERE at Out of the Closet thrift store, in their book section, that I found this 40 year old copy of a long forgotten book entitled, the student as nigger by Jerry Farber: a book I’d never before seen; a thin paperback, slightly brittle and discolored, but still fully readable. The price was 50 cents, but Leo the long hair Latino heavy metal guitar playing cashier let me have it free. I guess that is the way it should be. Thanks Leo.  Thank you, Harriet, for the introduction. And a big Thank You to Out of the Closet.


    Jerry Farber, the author, thanks the Grateful Dead in his book’s Acknowledgements, along with many other individuals. None of whose names I recognize, except for Timothy Leary, who is famous for quitting his Professorship job at Harvard to preach the message: LSD is the only hope for human happiness.


    If you’ve ever believed that modern American society were somehow like the movie, The Matrix, where people’s lives were really just a Fantasy construct implanted in people’s brains; while in reality, they were lying dormant, having their life sucked out of them by some dominant species (or in our case class) then I recommend reading studentasnigger. My last 3 Acid Trips all led me to believe that this “Fantasy Land Matrix” does, in fact, exist in the minds of most everyone – “Do Americans really believe we still have democratic elections? This book tells how this is done, in regard to American Education: The subjects and the teachers may change, but the methodologies for ALL classes are essentially the same. I quote Jerry Farber:


    What is most likely to emerge from this 16-year molding and screening process?

    Thoroughly schooled and ready for GM or IBM or the State Department, the graduate is a skilled, neat, disciplined worker with just enough initiative to carry out fairly complicated assignments, but not so much initiative that he will seriously question the assignment itself. He is affably but fiercely competitive with his peers and he is submissive to his superiors. In fact, as long as he has some respect from his peers and subordinates, he is willing to be almost naked of dignity in the eyes of his superiors; there is very little shit he will not eat if there is something to be gained by it. In asserting himself, he is moderate, even timid – except when he exercises the power of a great institution, when he himself is the superior, when he puts on some kind of real or figurative uniform. At that point he is likely to assume the sacerdotal mask that his teachers wore. At that point – when he becomes official – his jaw hardens.



    These days, if you go on the INTERWEB, you can find the original essay at http://www.soilandhealth.org/03sov/0303critic/030301studentasnigger.html 



    Both Esquire Magazine and, subsequently, Wikipedia, call the student as nigger,

    “The underground’s first classic.” Whatever that means…


    You be the judge! Time to take our control of our resources!



    7th-Jul-2011 12:11 am - God Bless America!

    I like Morgan Freeman, the American actor. “Red” from ShawshankI can get almost anything, for a price. MF’s got a great voice. I saw a young version of him, singing in a bathtub, on Youtube, recently; excerpts from The Electric Company circa 1971 - 1977.  For seven years, MF played Count Dracula on the comedy, variety, educational show for kids.

    I heard Morgan Freeman’s deep soothing voice on a TV commercial the other night. It was a Visa commercial. Visa, the credit company, the company that buys you things and you pay them back; the company that -- without a word, just a swipe and a pin -- loans you money when you have none.  Billions of dollars flow through Visa Cards worldwide each year, each month; each day.  Millions of Americans rely heavily on their Visa cards for their survival: that is, their purchasing needs.

    In this TV ad, which sounded more pleasant than most cacophonous commercials, on account of Freeman’s smooth locution, Visa was promoting their latest Sweepstakes 2011, for Visa users, whereby ONE lucky Visa card holder will get a free ticket to the Superbowl this year, and every year for the rest of his/her life. Wow!

    How much is YOUR interest rate when you buy stuff using your Visa card? How much was your last penalty, hidden fee, etc?” If you are rich, and always pay your balance on time, or early; your rate is probably very low and you never pay any fees. Everyone else; so sorry. Company policy.

    Funny thing, there MAY not even be NFL football this September, if the Millionaires and the Billionaires; that is, the players and the team owners don’t reach an agreement on salary caps and other issues: like players’ life long health insurance, who gets what share on profits of merchandising, and other issues now on the bargaining table.

    Also, Los Angeles, my home city has not had a football team since the 1990’s. We had TWO teams, once upon a time. Now, none.

    Plans to move a NFL team to LA are always in the works. Ari on Entourage was trying to spearhead one last season. It made for exciting TV watching. A major setback in bringing a team to LA is, WHERE will they play? California, and certainly LA have no money for bonds, so owners (and the City of LA) can have future generations of tax payers ultimately foot the bill. As a result, no construction has begun.  Occasionally, I read about moves in this direction.

    Recently, Farmer’s Insurance, has been in the works to begin building a new Football stadium in LA. That’s gonna cost a small fortune. How does an Insurance company have so much money? 

    Well, that’s pretty easy. Every driver, homeowner, business owner; anyone who owns anything of value; any responsible adult with dependants; anyone who ever wants to see a doctor – all of these Americans MUST have insurance, and pay high premiums.

    Watch TV at any time of day, any channel; and there they are: Geico State Farms Prudential – their TV ads must cost as much (or more) to make as regular programming. I’m sure they cost a lot more than most Reality programs, which is almost all you get on TV these days anyway. 

    Like a good neighbor…State Farm is there!” That’s a catchy tune. Perhaps the ‘artist’ who wrote that jingle makes as much money as Charlie Harper from 2 and ½ Men.  In 30 Rock, Liz Lemmon and Matt Damon did a bit on Geico.

    Liz: Is that also why you got so mad watching the Giants game?
    Carol: No. That was because why does Geico have three different spokespeople?!? They have the caveman, the gecko and then the stack of money with eyeballs.
    Liz: And the fake Rod Sterling guy.
    Carol: Oh my god, right! Thank you.

    So there you have it.  How much do these commercials cost to make? How much did Visa pay Morgan Freeman for his eloquence?  He probably earned more for that one commercial spot than he made for his entire 7 years on The Electric Company, entertaining kids and parents alike. 

    How much money will it cost to build a stadium; to satisfy NFL owners and players and agents; to give that little shed of hope to so many people who are so deep in debt?  "Wow!  The Superbowl for the rest of my life.  I'm switching to Visa!"

    If Americans were not in debt, Visa would not make any money.  The deeper the debt, the more Visa, other Creditors, and the Banks make.  Perhaps Jenna Maroney could make a backhanded compliment about usury lending.  I can't.

    Farmer’s Insurance doesn’t have TV commercials. They are saving their money to build a stadium. Meanwhile, my city, my state, my country is basically bankrupt, because of debt. How much money do we owe China? How many elementary schools, parks and libraries are scheduled to close down this year in the State of California?  Plenty!

    God Bless America!  Maybe we all need to sneeze a little louder.


                                                 Flibby Thurston  Guitar/Vocals     Bravo on Drums       Chepe Escondido Bass/Vocals

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