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This is Not a Coffee Pot Break poster


Three weeks ago I began learning Photoshop.  Since people don't read straight text much these days, it is important for me as a writer, to hone my electronic media skills.  This is the first of many Coffee Pot Break posters. 

Coffee Pot Break is the name of the Musical Trio in which I play, with bandmates bass player/singer Chepe Escondido and guitarista/cantante Flibworth Thurstein.

I made this poster on Wednesday night, Ash Wednesday.  A bit about the poster:

The Foreground is from an acrylic painting Chepe Escondido painted of our band.
The Background is from a photo I took on my pilgrimage to Yangnotri, Himalaya India in August 2009.

The Coffee Pot logo is a design stenciled by Flibworth Thurstein.

The Pic in each of the four corners is a 1947 painting called The Liberator by Flemish Surrealist, Rene Magritte.  The Pipes are from Magritte's infamously ironic, Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

I photographed both paintings at LACMA in January 2011.  LACMA has both Magritte originals in their Permanent Collection.  Chepe and I have been fans of Magritte's painting since the 1980's when we first met. 

Nice to Magritte You is a nice pun on the phrase nice to meet you and includes the phoneme greet.   George Costanza would probably add that it also includes the phoneme Ma.

Other than the fact that it sounds cool and pays homage to one of my favorite painters, the phrase: Nice to Magritte You means nothing at all. 

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