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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!

             Using Photoshop, I made this Poster to promote my Band with our Song Titles all around

I don’t get it.

What’s up with all the mediocrity that’s #1 in the US popular markets.

Case in point: Tonight on Saturday Night Live, the Foo Fighters were the musical guest. 
I can’t say they suck cuz they don’t, but what’s the point? When Dave Grohl was
just the drummer for Nirvana, he was part of a ground-breaking sound.

At present, Grohl is very much like Phil  Collins, who graduated from being the
drummer of the ground-breaking Genesis project with PG Sledgehammer at the
helm, making classics like Supper's Ready, to making some of the most enduring
schlock ever. 

If Grohl is going to be the lead guitar player singer, why does he need two other
in addition to the bass and drums just to make him sound like he’s a rocking guitar
front man? And if he’s
the lead singer, what the hell is he doing chewing gum while he is singing? 
Is that
supposed to make him seem cool? If I were the parent of teenagers, I'd worry if
they were fans of Foo Fighters.  These ordinary white guys getting paid to sound
ordinary, growing their hair and wearing tattooes to seem connected.  Connected
to what?  Commerce?  Law and Order?

Tonight, my mom and I went to see the highly recommended LINCOLN LAWYER 
 movie. The first theater we went to, it was SOLD OUT. We had to go to another
theater. As far as I could tell, it was the only movie sold out at the mall!

We were both excited to see it, based on positive recommendations.  As soon
as the hip hop music started and the Lincoln Continental appeared constant in the
opening, both of us knew it was NOT going to be what we expected.  We were
both expecting something to do with ex President Lincoln.  In any event, we

I can’t remember wanting to walk out of a movie in recent memory. I really hated
watching that movie.  I don’t know which was worse, seeing quality actors
like Marisa Tomeii, William Macy and Brian Cranston (Malcom’s dad and the
original Watley on Seinfeld) play such pathetic one dimensional characters; or
knowing the outcome of the movie half-way through, yet reading about twists
online. How transparent must a story be?  I told my mom, half-way through the
film. “He’s gonna get off, and then they are going to arrest him as soon as he gets
out of the courtroom.”  Bam!  As if that mattered!  Who cares about a spoiled rich
kid who may or not have beaten a prostitute?  He has  a history of killing girls and
pinning it on somebody else.  How is that even possible!  He's so rich and smart
and his family so connected that no one even suspects him?  Enter a lawyer who
makes boatloads of cash getting rich criminals off.  He's our hero cuz he's got a kid
and his daughter is cute and his black limo driver always has something witty to

According to the Interweb, he's called the Lincoln Lawyer cuz he practices law out
of his Lincoln.  He lives in his Lincoln.  But, he's got a driver!  Where does the driver
live, in the front seat?

Maybe in the book, he lives in his car.  In the movie, we have no proof of this.  He's
always being chauffered around!

Matthew McConaughey was the most unlikeable character you could ever imagine,
trying to be all slick like some untouchable rich guy, and the Westwood crowd ate it up. 

I’ll bet there will be sequel after sequel.  It's scary, when I think about it. 
Americans ARE scary people.  It's like Terry Gilliam said, after the release of
1985's Brazil.  "Monsters and villans like Darth Vader aren't truly frightening.  What
is truly frightening is your run of the mill next-door neighbor torturing you because
it's his job."

Ryan Philippe usually plays a really good ‘bad guy’ like the sociopath in Cruel
, but here he was just some whiney rich kid.  We know he is guilty. 
Maybe he isn’t!  Maybe the prostitute is a liar as well as him.  As if we are
supposed to care! Maybe she's just trying to take him for his money.  Then his
mother kills to protect him!  Was that the twist netizens are clammorning about --
"Best legal thriller since Presumed Innocent."   The crazy mother actually kills
somebody just to protect her son.  Wasn't that Friday the XIIIth

The only thing less realistic than the drama was the courtroom scenes, which were
so out of touch with reality.  Could the prosecutor have been any feebler or more
inept? Or the cops any more cliché? Answer: NO! And how can anybody care
about characters like these?  What's the moral of the story? 

If this movie is accepted as entertainment, and the Foo Fighters are what
Americans think of as GOOD ROCK N ROLL, then I guess I’m out of touch with
America in 2011 and that is okay by me.  For my birthday today, I got 2 Puccinis:
La Boheme
e Madama Butterfly and one Verdi: Rigoletto.  I'm set for weeks.  It's
all new to me!

Today is Saturday April 9th and I turn 43 today. I like movies and music a lot. 
I think I know what is good and what is not good and I can tell you why I think what
I do. I like every genre of music in the world, but not every act in every genre. I
don’t really like jazz, as I much as I like John Coltrane, and the music of everyone
he’s ever played with, like McCoy Tyner, Count Basie, Miles Davis, and the king of
all Sir Duke.

This is the cover of our first EP.  If EP's still existed.  Stay Tuned for Viral Release

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