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People on ludes should not drive
God Bless America! 
7th-Jul-2011 12:11 am

I like Morgan Freeman, the American actor. “Red” from ShawshankI can get almost anything, for a price. MF’s got a great voice. I saw a young version of him, singing in a bathtub, on Youtube, recently; excerpts from The Electric Company circa 1971 - 1977.  For seven years, MF played Count Dracula on the comedy, variety, educational show for kids.

I heard Morgan Freeman’s deep soothing voice on a TV commercial the other night. It was a Visa commercial. Visa, the credit company, the company that buys you things and you pay them back; the company that -- without a word, just a swipe and a pin -- loans you money when you have none.  Billions of dollars flow through Visa Cards worldwide each year, each month; each day.  Millions of Americans rely heavily on their Visa cards for their survival: that is, their purchasing needs.

In this TV ad, which sounded more pleasant than most cacophonous commercials, on account of Freeman’s smooth locution, Visa was promoting their latest Sweepstakes 2011, for Visa users, whereby ONE lucky Visa card holder will get a free ticket to the Superbowl this year, and every year for the rest of his/her life. Wow!

How much is YOUR interest rate when you buy stuff using your Visa card? How much was your last penalty, hidden fee, etc?” If you are rich, and always pay your balance on time, or early; your rate is probably very low and you never pay any fees. Everyone else; so sorry. Company policy.

Funny thing, there MAY not even be NFL football this September, if the Millionaires and the Billionaires; that is, the players and the team owners don’t reach an agreement on salary caps and other issues: like players’ life long health insurance, who gets what share on profits of merchandising, and other issues now on the bargaining table.

Also, Los Angeles, my home city has not had a football team since the 1990’s. We had TWO teams, once upon a time. Now, none.

Plans to move a NFL team to LA are always in the works. Ari on Entourage was trying to spearhead one last season. It made for exciting TV watching. A major setback in bringing a team to LA is, WHERE will they play? California, and certainly LA have no money for bonds, so owners (and the City of LA) can have future generations of tax payers ultimately foot the bill. As a result, no construction has begun.  Occasionally, I read about moves in this direction.

Recently, Farmer’s Insurance, has been in the works to begin building a new Football stadium in LA. That’s gonna cost a small fortune. How does an Insurance company have so much money? 

Well, that’s pretty easy. Every driver, homeowner, business owner; anyone who owns anything of value; any responsible adult with dependants; anyone who ever wants to see a doctor – all of these Americans MUST have insurance, and pay high premiums.

Watch TV at any time of day, any channel; and there they are: Geico State Farms Prudential – their TV ads must cost as much (or more) to make as regular programming. I’m sure they cost a lot more than most Reality programs, which is almost all you get on TV these days anyway. 

Like a good neighbor…State Farm is there!” That’s a catchy tune. Perhaps the ‘artist’ who wrote that jingle makes as much money as Charlie Harper from 2 and ½ Men.  In 30 Rock, Liz Lemmon and Matt Damon did a bit on Geico.

Liz: Is that also why you got so mad watching the Giants game?
Carol: No. That was because why does Geico have three different spokespeople?!? They have the caveman, the gecko and then the stack of money with eyeballs.
Liz: And the fake Rod Sterling guy.
Carol: Oh my god, right! Thank you.

So there you have it.  How much do these commercials cost to make? How much did Visa pay Morgan Freeman for his eloquence?  He probably earned more for that one commercial spot than he made for his entire 7 years on The Electric Company, entertaining kids and parents alike. 

How much money will it cost to build a stadium; to satisfy NFL owners and players and agents; to give that little shed of hope to so many people who are so deep in debt?  "Wow!  The Superbowl for the rest of my life.  I'm switching to Visa!"

If Americans were not in debt, Visa would not make any money.  The deeper the debt, the more Visa, other Creditors, and the Banks make.  Perhaps Jenna Maroney could make a backhanded compliment about usury lending.  I can't.

Farmer’s Insurance doesn’t have TV commercials. They are saving their money to build a stadium. Meanwhile, my city, my state, my country is basically bankrupt, because of debt. How much money do we owe China? How many elementary schools, parks and libraries are scheduled to close down this year in the State of California?  Plenty!

God Bless America!  Maybe we all need to sneeze a little louder.


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